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Cancelling a donation?
August 17th, 2013 (February 13th, 2016)

If you reached this page by mistake, please make the effort to start again from the previous page not to spoil your good intention. Postponing often results in not returning for a much longer time than initially anticipated.

If you changed your mind mid-process, I would really appreciate if you could leave me a few words as to your reasons, so I can alleviate doubts or technical difficulties (at least for others, if not for yourself):

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As decisions about money are usually taken on an emotional basis, often to a disproportionate extent of clinging and anxiety, I'll supplement my request with some factual information.

Why a range of donations from £ 4 to £ 85?


Locations of my early followers

Thanks to the internet, my teachings have reached a very diverse population, in terms of cultures, gene pools, social and economic conditions, etc. When asking for support however, this challenges the natural parity between what a teacher may receive from a local community and the cost of life within the same community.

A possible comparison of economic circumstances between my followers relies on “private consumption per person,” (or “household final consumption expenditure per capita”). It measures the on-going cost of “ordinary life”. The table shows a few national values (in nominal terms since a donation would be in nominal terms, independent of local “purchasing power” consideration).

Although useful, such a comparison does not reflect the diversity (or ‘inequality’) of income within each country, captured e.g. by the GINI coefficient.

A worldwide audience with diverse local distributions of income makes it virtually impossible to propose subscriptions amounts suitable for everyone. A range from £ 4 to £ 85 hopefully is adequate for the vast majority of my followers. The possibility to freely pick the amount for one-off dontations should allow extreme cases of poverty and of wealth to contribute appropriately.

Please give responsibly

The best practice is to provide regular support. Please select a suitable amount (based on what you can afford, no more but no less):

€  monthly
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For those who cannot afford recurring donations (maybe due to extremely low income, or simply very irregular income), any one-off donation would still be wholesome and much appreciated:

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