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August 17th, 2013

Sleeping meditator, © Denis Wallez


Despite my best efforts, it would seem a lapse in mindfulness was experienced while updating this site!

When waking up to the contingency of life, can we creatively engage?

Links are impermanent

Like other conditioned phenomena, links arise, endure and cease…

The all-knowing internet has fallen for the classic confusion between reification and “things as they are,” between essence and śūnyatā (emptiness): any certainty associated to a link is merely a context-dependent narrative empty of essence.
When the context evolves, the ‘solidity’ of the link might prove elusive, if not entirely delusional! ‘Permalinks’ are only perpetuating the illusion further: when the content is gone, where does a permanent link stubbornly point to?

From any frustration arising, you may however gain a great insight into how duḥkha (unsatisfactoriness) arises when you ignore or deny impermanence, i.e. when you want to believe that “what worked earlier” is reliable, known and safe!

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