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The toughest of the last three posts!
March 25th, 2013 (March 26th, 2013)

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The toughest of the last three posts!

Yesterday I posted about plastic pollution,
the day before I posted about water,
the day before about (gender) discrimination…

These are all important issues that require sustained attention if we're to see any significant improvement. Most issues can see major improvements from small but perseverant actions.

This means that obsessing about these issues one day a year is not helping so much, but being mindful of them —more often than not— does significantly contribute to positive change… and therefore it is key to apply vigilance (i.e. to check regularly that our mind has not drifted too far, and gently bring it back if required), keeping this mindfulness alive.

So questions:
• did these posts get noticed? and,
• did they elicit any reaction beyond the 5' mark, at all?

Did these posts lead to thoughts, or better intentions, or better actions — beyond the "oh yeah, sure, it's really important", maybe even following a link or two, maybe even donating to a charity and then forgetting about it within the next 5 minutes, not to think about it ever since (unless reminded of it by some other stimulus)?

If you're reading my posts, you're interested in taming the mind, and probably in acting wholesomely… so, how can you make yourself regularly consider what is wholesome to keep in mind?

Think in practical terms:
• Do you need to put a post-it on the fridge door?
• Do you need to buy reusable bags?
• Do you need to check (now, while you think about it) how to get more of your waste recycled by your town?
• Do you need to buy a glass bottle, that you can refill from the tap, to replace plastic bottles?

How can you help yourself be mindful?

Please take the time to think of one practical, simple measure that may help you be more often mindful of a key issue… and put the measure in place!

That's taming your mind in practice. That's Buddhism in practice.
It does not have to be hard! Using post-its (or alarms on your electronic gadgets) is okay if this helps getting into a rhythm! and yes… it makes a difference to your mind, to your karma and to the world!

image: "right mindfulness", © Rie Takeda, from