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A while back, I wrote a "karmic continuation" series
November 5th, 2014 (November 6th, 2014)

illustration (attribution, if any possible, is at the end of the article)

A while back, I wrote a "karmic continuation" series…
Here is another example, and it has nothing hypothetical:
   life/views => context => life/views

   Please also read "Hippocratic oath" (, if you haven't already.
   For Westerners, please do not  think "this has nothing to do with me. Poor them!"  Domestic violence and rapes are still serious issues in the West (with rates not decreasing fast, if at all), issues which aren't excused just by giving education or work opportunities to women… so the work isn't finished, and leading by example certainly requires to cease all  forms of violence. #ItStartsWithMe  
by UNICEF India:
The consequences of early marriage reach beyond the lives of young married girls themselves to the next generation.