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Mahāyāna quotes
April 27th, 2015

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Mahāyāna quotes

   Analogy on the 'same' emptiness for different phenomena:

« The space within a clay vessel and the space within a precious vessel are both the element of space; ultimately, not the slightest distinction can be made between them. »

   On the dangers of conceit, righteousness and preconceived answers:

« Mañjuśrī, for a starving person, feeble and thin, it is better to suffer, and thus not to unknowingly eat poisonous food.
In the same way, Mañjuśrī, it is better for bodhisattva great beings to engage in nonconceptual miserliness, bad behavior, ill will, laziness, forgetfulness, and lack of knowledge, and thus not engage in the conceptual applications of generosity, discipline, patience, diligence, concentration, and knowledge of the hearers and solitary buddhas who rely on reference points. Why? Because the latter give rise to the faults of poisonous reference points, and this must therefore be understood to be a danger on the relative level. »

   This being said, ways of practising "miserliness, bad behavior, ill will, laziness, forgetfulness, and lack of knowledge" without  giving rise to unwholesome consequences are rather specific and demanding ;-)
   For example, on miserliness, Mañjuśrī explains « there is a method by which a miserly bodhisattva great being can complete the perfection of generosity, yet those who are generous cannot. And why? Because to never let go of, or cast away, any sentient being, or any of the buddha qualities, on the relative level, is the miserliness of the bodhisattva great beings. » Not exactly any  miserliness, is it?
   This is extremely far from an attitude of carelessness or a carte blanche:  'emptiness' doesn't negate 'functioning', consequences unfold and one has to deal with them constructively (precisely because the unfolding isn't set in stone, isn't independent from the successive engagements)!

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Both quotes from the « Teaching the Relative and Ultimate Truths » sūtra (
Image: a gilt-bronze figure of Vairocana,  recently put to auction.