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Non-duality is when you reach beyond
May 19th, 2018

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Non-duality is when you reach beyond… the mundane and the sublime.

The mundane and the sublime? The body and the mind?

Zen master Dōgen famously awoke by « dropping body and mind. »
It's been assumed by some that, since Dōgen practised calm-abiding meditation, « dropping body and mind » meant dramatically calming the activity of both the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system (respectively: body and mind). Maybe it's too 'mundane' an explanation?
He later wrote in the Genjokoan: « Those who regard the mundane as a hindrance to life and practice only understand that in the mundane nothing is sacred; what they have not yet understood is that in sacredness nothing is mundane. » (cf. also

Mundane life is not just a distraction ( Buddhas arise from the mundane: there's no need for a buddha if there's no sentient being struggling… Wisdom arises from discernment, dukkha arises from discernment: discernment is the root-cause of our troubles, and of the Liberation from these.

Here&now, in our 'mundane' small life, is where the cultivation of the 'sublime' takes place (

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Call for donation? So I can keep supporting people without precondition? Well, even regular, interested readers routinely ignore such a call; maybe it appears to them as "both too much mundane and not enough sublime"? May practitioners see beyond the mundane / sublime; may they cease separating practicalities from practice!
Two good videos on Vimalakīrti sūtra : (2h39'52'') and (2h51'30'').