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November — December
January 1st, 2016

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November — December

   4 original contributions on g+, and a lot more activity "behind the scene" (and in French) against the hysteria seizing many French citizens as well as the government after the terrorist attack…

All saints
Get involved!
"Défendons nos valeurs"?
« On n'abdique pas l'honneur d'être une cible »

November — December

   7 original contributions on g+:
Required compassion, and blame for "not enough"?
The suffering of being separated from the beautiful
Mindfulness and concentration
Equanimity vis-à-vis pain
You must not let your behaviour be a travesty
Dédié au réviseur Boya à l'ermitage de l'Ouest ( is slowly getting equipped, it will hopefully be ready for retreats this spring!

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