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October 19th, 2017

It's funny how people praise honesty… but then use any mistake, flaw or simply imperfection as an excuse to then criticise, take some distance, seek guidance from someone else (better, perfect).

Basically, they praise honesty as a cheap way to get information they can later use (to be defensive if need be, to sustain a sense of superiority, to dismiss opinions they don't like). And in doing so, they're themselves dishonest in their praise, of course…

Knowing this fully, I'll nonetheless publish my latest article on dealing with an imperfect world, with imperfect knowledge, imperfect perception, imperfect liberation from biases, habits, preferences… which will open the door to yet more criticism from some people, and so be it ;-)

#Dharma #Buddhism
Buddhism has no specific guideline on supporting teachers, it simply asks for you to consider causality: if you want this living tradition to survive, how are you participating, in practical terms, to make this happen? Nice words, exposure or social media ‘likes’ might feel good, but they do not actually help with the basic necessities.
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