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Mindfulness and concentration
December 24th, 2015

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Mindfulness and concentration
— meditation is not limited to the cushion!

   Be mindful of arising critical thoughts, annoyed reactions and snappy responses. Such thoughts are pests; they participate in the ecosystem, but need to be contained.

   Be like the snowy owl, pay attention, and once you mark a prey, stay focused until you catch the pest: see where it arises from, see where it goes to, and cut its existence short!

   Mindfulness is your ally for a healthy mental ecosystem: neither an extreme eradication of all disturbances / life, nor letting pests endlessly multiply and destroy everything.

   Be mindful of arising critical thoughts, annoyed reactions and snappy responses.
   It's ok they exist, and yet… catch them, before they multiply!

   Equanimity is not indifference; it's not letting any unwholesome destruction unfold without response; it's neither complacency nor negligence.
   Equanimity enables a fair discernment, without aversion to any phenomenon but also without aversion to discerning any damage about to unfold and the appropriate response.

   When we focus on what we can affect most easily, we worked on ourselves: we cultivate non-reactivity to 'external' phenomena, and this includes cultivating concentration to cease unwholesome 'internal' reactions!
   Concentration has sharp claws, and relies on vigilance not to let anything distract one from the chosen object.

   Mindfulness and concentration work hand in hand.
   Be mindful of arising critical thoughts, annoyed reactions and snappy responses; single-pointedly catch them! Bodhisattvas are compassionate for 'others' but wrathful on their 'own' defilements…

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