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Funny labels!
May 9th, 2013

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Funny labels!

People are biased into calling 'indoctrination' any appropriation of concepts or behaviours that they don't particularly like or share, but they happily call the same phenomenon 'education' if they wholeheartedly agree.

People are also biased into calling 'prejudice' any opinion by someone without any direct experience of what (s)he's talking about. However, prejudice refers to a judgement unrelated to the conditions at hand, i.e. unrelated to "reality as it is" here and now. To mention 'prejudice' is to implicitly oppose it to appropriate response and valid cognition… However, valid cognition does not require direct experience!
Do you call any diagnostic by a doctor a 'prejudice' if the doctor had no prior, direct, personal experience of the disease just diagnosed?

And, now, a light-hearted 6'45'' video:
by Mani Saint-Victor:
For #gingerthursday ... am I even allowed to use that word as a non-redhead?