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"Taking refuge in the Buddha" should never equate idolatry
March 18th, 2015

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"Taking refuge in the Buddha" should never equate idolatry.

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by Bodhipaksa:
I'm posting this "blasphemous" image here in support of the three men who have gone to prison in Burma for posting it on Facebook:

While it's certainly not respectful to use a Buddha image to promote a bar, and arguably rather stupid to do so in a country with a hard-line attitude to religion (and ongoing religious violence), there's no place in the Buddha's teaching for taking offense. 

"In this way, monks, you should train yourselves: 'Neither shall our minds be affected by this, nor for this matter shall we give vent to evil words, but we shall remain full of concern and pity, with a mind of love, and we shall not give in to hatred. On the contrary, we shall live projecting thoughts of universal love to that very person, making him as well as the whole world the object of our thoughts of universal love — thoughts that have grown great, exalted and measureless. We shall dwell radiating these thoughts which are void of hostility and ill will.' It is in this way, monks, that you should train yourselves."