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Unsung hero
April 5th, 2014
Unsung hero

I found interesting to look at this 3'05'' video, while taking into account that this a Thai advert for Thai customers:  it does then convey a sense of a narrative  (about values) the Thai culture is based upon.

Whether the Thai society does truly embody this narrative, or not, is a different conversation entirely, of course… The American narrative around freedom may be seriously challenged when NSA surveillance is considered, or when political influence can be freely monetized. Similarly, the Burmese buddhist narrative may be challenged when Muslims are massacred without second thought…
The Thai narrative may be questioned too; but it's interesting to at least see what Thais might perceive as what one 'should' aspire to,  what Thais might perceive as inspirational… Buddhism's influence is rather clear: generosity, loving kindness, sympathetic joy, perseverance, compassion, wisdom… many pāramīs appear.

h/t +Warathanut Sukcharoenphong
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