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If you're on Facebook, well… is there too!
May 25th, 2016
If you're on Facebook, well… is there too!

Sincerely, I didn't think this would happen; but I guess the war on words of google is just wearing me down… to a point where it becomes obvious I have better things to do than fighting back.

The reshares that behave completely differently between the 'classic' g+ interface (i.e. text of reshare, then original text, then link or picture) and the 'new' g+ interface (i.e. text of reshare, then link or picture, then greyed almost-invisible text from original post collapsed to a single line) are just making it too obviously painful that writing anything here is pointless nowadays.

Even the old principle of sharing my Public posts into the "Buddhism and Meditation" community is bordering on content-suicide these days, since my textual contribution (i.e. the content) basically disappears, only to transform a mere illustration into the main content!

If the only way to share text, is to create multiple posts and copy-paste between them, rather than using the 'share' button, it doesn't take much to understand that google couldn't care less about text.

I won't even talk about recent changes in text formatting, now automatically suppressing any white space at the beginning of a paragraph, and therefore killing a classical use of indentation at the beginning of a new paragraph! Now, to make paragraphs appear, you now need to jump a line… or hope/pray that the last line of the previous paragraph has the good taste of finishing long before filling the width of the text area (which you don't control).

The events are still nowhere to be seen in the 'new' g+, constituting a loss of opportunities for hangouts on air (remember those?), or for announcing events, e.g. retreats at!

So yes, I'll continue posting here, for now… but, from this day,  also has a Facebook page: see below! With a calendar of events!
Even +koan.無 has one ( it's not particularly active now, but this might seriously change if links are the only content that can be posted and shared on g+, for then it's also easy to post and share them on FB!

For me to do so, after several hundreds of original posts over 5 years to create content on g+ exclusively, will illustrate how tired I am of this war on words and of the general contempt google shows toward the few still trying to use g+ as a platform for something else than mere link-littering!

I get it: a link with a good title is all google needs to know what's of interest to people, and therefore to better target search results and adverts… Why care about providing a reasonable platform for exchanges, when links are enough to graph 'interests'?

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