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«  May all sentient beings be free from unsatisfactoriness
November 17th, 2017

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« May all sentient beings be free from unsatisfactoriness;
May all sentient beings be free from lust, aversion and ignorance »

What is lust?

That which is
passion (rago),
infatuation (sarago),
fawning (anunayo),
compliance (anurodho),
delighting in (nandi),
taking passionate delight in (nandi-rago),
infatuation of mind (cittassa sarago),
longing (iccha),
languishing (muccha),
devouring (ajjhosanaṃ),
greed (gedho),
omnivorous greed (paligedho),
cleaving to (sango),
a slough (panko),
seduction (eja),
trickery (maya),
genitrix (janika),
progenitrix (sanjanani),
seamstress (sibbani),
she who ensnares (jalini),
the river (sarita),
she who is poisonous (visattika),
the thread (suttaṃ),
diffusion (visata),
she who toils (ayuhani),
the consort (dutiya),
hankering (panidhi),
she who leads to renewed existence (bhavanetti).
the jungle (vanaṃ),
the undergrowth (vanatho),
intimacy (santhavo),
unctuous affection (sineho),
affection (apekkha),
connexion (patibandhu),
craving (asa),
wanting (asimsana),
cupidity (asimsitattaṃ),
craving for visual forms (rupasa, etc.),
craving for sounds,
craving for odours,
craving for tastes,
craving for the tangible,
craving for getting,
craving for wealth,
craving for children,
craving for life,
mumbling (jappa),
mumbling on,
mumbling over,
self-indulgence (loluppaṃ),
agitation (puncikata),
longing for the agreeable (sadhu kamyata),
incestuous passion (adhammarago),
lawless lust (visamalobho),
appetite (nikanti),
hungering for (nikamana),
entreating (patthana),
envying (pihana),
imploring (sampatthana),
thirst for sensual indulgence (kamatanha),
thirst for existence (bhavatanha),
thirst for non-existence (vibhavatanha),
thirst for form,
thirst for formlessness,
thirst for annihilation,
thirst for visible forms,
thirst for sounds,
thirst for smells,
thirst for tastes,
thirst for the tangible,
thirst for mental states (dhammatanha),
a flood (ogho),
a yoke (yogo),
trammels (gantho),
attachment (upadanaṃ),
obstruction (avaranaṃ),
hindrance (nivaranaṃ),
counterfeiting (chadanaṃ),
bondage (bandhanaṃ),
depravity (upakkileso),
faltering (anusayo),
pervading (pariyutthanaṃ),
a creeper (lata),
avarice (vevicchaṃ),
root of pain,
source of pain (dukkhanidanaṃ),
production of pain (dukkhappabhavo),
Māra's trap (marapaso),
Māra's fish-hook (marabalisaṃ),
Māra's domain (maravisayo),
thirst for delight (nanditanha),
the fishing-net of thirst (jalamtanha),
the leash of thirst (gaddulatanha),
the ocean (samuddo),
covetousness (abhijjha),
the lust that is the root of evil
— this is what is called lust.

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image: a carved white alabaster figure of a monk (Thai, 19th c.)