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There is a happiness that doesn't exclude suffering
August 12th, 2017

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There is a happiness that doesn't exclude suffering.

I am glad I shared much information on google+ since 2011, about Buddhism… I am glad I supported people online via communities, via discussion threads, via private messages… I am glad I could offer the opportunity for people to go on affordable retreats at… I am glad I resisted so far the traps of hierarchies, titles, exotic Dharma names, and sectarian prejudices…

and yet, to quote Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel, « there is a happiness that doesn't exclude suffering. Rejection and aversion destroy true happiness. »

so I'm sad too, that so few people took up the opportunity to practice in the extraordinary environment that constituted, an unbeatable value-for-money proposition… it is now too late to do so. It seems the very affordability has been an issue actually, as people convinced themselves that it couldn't be of value if it was so cheap : in a society where mercantilism is the norm, generosity looks suspicious or too-good-to-be-true. Other lessons are to be drawn too. All in, though, and even if it's a useful learning experience, it's also sad when a Dharma centre has to close, in particular (in my opinion) if it's one of the few non-sectarian centres.

I'll continue teaching to 'direct' students (via emails, audio / video calls, visits…).
I'll continue sharing information on the internet.
However, I'll find another way for retreats.
And if you have ideas as to how I could be of service, please let me know!