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5'00'' video
December 20th, 2015
5'00'' video

   « One thing leads to another… » Hopefully, my followers should have no difficulty with such a concept, and they shouldn't struggle either with the idea that mindfulness of one's speech, action and livelihood is key in ceasing unsatisfactoriness and suffering.

   Negligence is a form of intention (the intention to save one's energy for one's own benefit, instead of for the benefit of all) which is unwholesome. So, do engage! Don't let unwholesome speech spread (be it under the label of 'joke'), don't let unwholesome views spread. Recognise the danger of habitual thoughts, of status quo, of conditioning… and catch unhelpful causal unfoldings before they coalesce into harmful consequences.

by +CARE Norway (, h/t +Kimberly Chapman h/t +Kyla Myers 
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