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Cyclically perpetuating / repeating the same mistakes?
January 6th, 2018

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Cyclically perpetuating / repeating the same mistakes?

« A hundred years ago, perhaps, another man was standing on this spot; like you he gazed with awe and yearning in his heart at the dying light on the glaciers (…) Was he someone else? Was it not you yourself? What was the condition for making the creature born this time into you, just you and not someone else? » — Erwin Schrödinger (primarily known as a quantum physicist)

Cleverness is not wisdom… When we know more but we continue to destroy, we exemplify the 'ignorance' associated to knowledge (and to 'views', in Buddhist terminology).
'Knowledge' is not 'wisdom', even when it gets richer, more nuanced, better established… It may become wisdom, once it supports a change in behaviour toward a more constructive approach, and toward offering safety (from our contributions) to others (and 'leading the ethical life', in Buddhist terminology).
We can blame the past, and the legacy of previous generations, and pretend it has nothing to do with us… or we can enquire into how we repeat the mistakes, and seem to label more than we seem to learn…

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