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June 9th, 2014

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Apathy might be found in living lives 'automatically', robotically, with no perceptible spark of Life, what the French would call "metro boulot dodo"  (word for word "commute, work, sleep", i.e. "same old routine")…
but it might also be found in sitting idly on a cushion waiting for Enlightenment to come and solve our unsatisfactoriness. That you have buddha-nature means that nothing inherently separates you from buddhahood, which implies that it is  worth making the effort in order to realise buddhahood but it doesn't mean the fruit will passively appear…

'Mindfulness' is 'alertness', so don't make sitting on a cushion the equivalent of buying your favourite drink from your favourite place at a pre-accepted price… That's samsaric automatism, the cultivation of status quo and of habit (which, no matter how wholesome, is not alertness, not the ability to respond appropriately to impermanence, to change).

While there's value in regularity of effort, we're talking of conscious effort, conscious exploration, conscious enquiry, alertness, presence!

If you sit on your cushion out of habit and going through the motion, you might as well pay attention while you wash the dishes, it might provide a deeper meditative insight!

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