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Quotes from The pond (51' of dharma talk, + 25' Q&A)
May 17th, 2014
Quotes from The pond (51' of dharma talk, + 25' Q&A)

What is this world like?
As a waterfowl shakes its bill,
On each drop of dew,
The moon is reflected.

古池や            Furu ike ya
蛙飛び込む   kawazu tobikomu
水の音            mizu no oto
« a serene old pond, a frog jumps in… sound of ripples! »
— Matsuo Basho

« a serene practitioner, a need arises… sound of banknotes, pocket change, kind words, helpful hands! »

Sansheng’s “Golden Fish”:
Sansheng asked Xuefeng, “What does a golden-scaled fish that goes through the net, eat?”
Xuefeng said, “I will tell you after you come out of the net.”
Sansheng said, “The teacher of fifteen thousand monastics —and you can’t say a turning word."
Xuefeng said, “This old man is busy with abbot’s matters.”

Dogen 's capping verse:
The old mountain pond, crystal clear, through and through.
The solitary carp, swimming by, flourishes its tail and stirs up the bottom.

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