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To believe or not to believe
February 11th, 2017
To believe or not to believe…

The term for “belief” in Pāḷi is "diṭṭhi."

Unfortunately, the meaning seems much richer: thus, diṭṭhi also refers to "views", "dogmas", "opinions" and "theories" —potentially correct, or at least useful!

Hence we find in the Canon not only that we must transcend or uproot (uttāreti) any "belief," as in the Brahmajāla sutta (DN 1)… but also that we must cultivate sammā-diṭṭhi, the "right view" of the eightfold path!

Same word diṭṭhi, translated differently depending on the context, perhaps to designate a phenomenon that ought to be abandoned and cultivated at the same time? How to make sense of this?

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To believe or not to believe…