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Indian Diary (1)
September 5th, 2014 (September 8th, 2014)

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Indian Diary (1)

   In Chennai (India), there are many schools… and many programs to spread education further, excluding no one. Most schools look like ruins from the outside though, due to lack of maintenance.
   I guess Indians understand that learning is primarily based on people and skills, not flashy walls… hence teacher's day! [The outside state of the schools remains surprising to see; it's as if Indians did not see that on-going maintenance usually is cheaper than irregular full reconstructions.]

   India smells… of Indian spices, in the dust in the air!
   Third time I come, and third time I'm struck by how strongly India smells as soon as the plane's doors open.
   Interestingly, a few hours later, the 'constant' smell of spicy dust becomes imperceptible, precisely because it's constant and there's no other smell to contrast it with.
   People normally cannot smell themselves, nor can they smell their 'local' country. Habit is imperceptible.

   Most people assume they know themselves; however, if they cannot perceive their own habits, can they even know themselves (assuming there's such a constant 'them' to know)?

   Doesn't the way to know yourself lie precisely in ceasing the habits that obscure the true self (, e.g. thanks to meditative practices and cultivation of the wholesome tendencies (tendencies required by the situation at hand, rather than demanded by the 'self')? Doesn't the way to know yourself lie precisely in letting go of what's inherited and appropriated, which was the "causes of the self" rather than the "self" itself?

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by India Plus:
Teachers' day (Guru Utsav) is being celebrated on 5th of September that commemorates the birthday of India's finest teacher Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a philosopher and 2nd president of our country.

Teachers' day is an event to honor the person who opens our doors of knowledge and to salute his patience, affection and the determination to make us the one.  This is the day to thank them.

Happy Teachers' Day!

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