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March 31st, 2016

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   Been busy gardening, to prepare for the "rehearsal retreat"  at the end of April… Did you know you can influence the programmation of future retreats? Simply go to !
   Still working on securing the house as much as possible (just secured a good deal for a great, bilingual AED —automated external defibrillator), and if you ever feel like helping a new place to promote the Dharma, then any donation toward the security budget would be helpful at the moment: (or as usual, except for € having replaced £).
   The bookshelves for the library of have finally arrived and are in place. I still have to unpack and organise the books though; that's the work for the coming days, on top of finalising some admin', receiving and installing tatami,  working on the content of the first three planned retreats (, translating the website in French, refreshing once again my first aider skills, etc.

   4 original contributions on g+:
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Deciphering the Pāḷi Canon is not for the impatient…

   Many more posts are in the pipeline, notably one on a key difference between Oriental and Occidental understandings of psychology; hopefully, they'll be finalised soon, but the work at unfortunately proved more demanding than expected, and the to-do list for April gives little comfort; the need for individual support by various individuals also was higher this March than usual.

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