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What's the point of adding a lamp where there's already light?
May 18th, 2018

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What's the point of adding a lamp where there's already light?

If you take bodhisattva vows (, then the next step is not to go to a monastery, nor to become a renunciant, etc. That's a natural wish, and it may seem a logical continuation from the vow, but… that'd be like creating a new lamp where there's already light. What's the point?

Armed with bodhicitta (, stay in the world:

• see how "wishful thinking" never is true 'care' (for anyone: neither you, nor others); see how postponing engagement ("for a better, wiser engagement") is just postponing engagement while making excuses ( because there's no 'perfect' answer anyway (; if you feel you're 'useless', you may well be onto something (;

• engage with businesses; make them ethical;

• engage with families; bring love, compassion, patience in; in fact, embody endless tolerance (;

• engage with the mess (; produce "right effort" in practice, i.e. reduce the unwholesome, increase the wholesome;

• engage with crazy thoughts and with desires (that's just a sub-category of crazy thoughts); realise the folly, see it by yourself, renounce unwholesome thoughts not by force, not by conceited righteousness, but by merely losing interest in fallacies;

• you're your own refuge (, offer a refuge to others; create a lamp into the world (;

• keep on doing what you do, while knowing full well this is futile. If you're falling but realise you're merely in a dream, is there an absolute need to wake up immediately? It's a dream, you cannot truly get hurt! So you can actually explore "falling further", that's OK! And yet, even in a dream, exploring with wholesome curiosity isn't leading to the same experience as exploring stupidly ;-) And waking up oneself and others from stupid dreams is a worthy task, even if there were just dreams, it's compassionate not to let dreamers experience nightmares;

• realise the interpenetration of all phenomena, thus the dependence of wisdom upon ignorance (;

• realise nibbāna within saṃsāra (, not outside of saṃsāra ! Realise that nirvāṇa is saṃsāra, saṃsāra is nirvāṇa (, and yet the Middle Way is not Oneness ( Realise that cyclical saṃsāra is not so 'cyclical', in an impermanent reality (

What's the point of adding a lamp where there's already light?

Bring a new lamp where there's still some darkness to dispel!

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Illustration: Gilt-bronze multi-armed Avalokiteśvara, Ming Dynasty (China)
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