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May 31st, 2016

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30 April–1st May was the last 'rehearsal' retreat (by invitation, with a group of 7 students), before the official launch of (open to all). The individual retreat setup was also tested during May, in the context of some +Letyourbodytalk coaching. As it all went smoothly and the feedback is consistently positive, we're now 'live'.

On g+, this month, I started by sharing several videos around economic themes. I believe these are valuable sources of "food for thoughts", and I don't have to reinvent the wheel all the time (aiming for originality "for the sake of it"?).

Six posts can be seen as originals (but not necessarily very long):
How long will we keep denying climate change, and chasing cheap resources regardless of risks and destruction?
On leaving classical koans without explanations
Cheap outrage? Or insight followed by some act?
Blaming victims
Happy Vesak
In Buddhism, identity (self) is based on appropriation… Clinging to our 'roots'?

Even if the +koan.無 isn't particularly used on g+ (since contains mostly the backup of my g+ posts), the page might become a bit more active, at least for 'announcements'.
And the same is likely to be true on Facebook (at, a platform which currently offers better 'events' management than g+!
This was explained in (which might also mean the +koan.無 page could become more active, if I write directly there then share on g+, rather than the other way round…).

The website of is now bilingual (based on 'subdomains': and
The program of group retreats is now set until Christmas 2016: check out and register your interest! The focus is on week-end retreats, for which it is easier to find some time in one's busy life…
You can influence future collective retreats, by voting at

I also have a new 'direct' student (online, via regular video calls). This will not have much impact in relation to g+, but just to remind all of you that I also provide classical forms (teacher-student) of mentoring, to those interested… not just social media 'broadcasting'!
If anything, a direct relationship (where I get to know your specific hindrances and can therefore suggest individually tailored antidotes) tends to be more constructive, to allow for more faster and deeper progress.
It's like the breath while meditating: the relationship serves as an anchor while going through life. In practice, such an 'anchor' seems a lot more effective for practitioners (beginners and seniors alike!) than merely 'liking' or 'plussing' feel-good images on one's social media feed, only to forget about it when the next post appears.

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