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19'06'', previously mentioned but worth sharing again
January 15th, 2014
19'06'', previously mentioned but worth sharing again… And please don't just nod your head and/or reshare: do speak up against sexist / racist / discriminatory jokes, or comments… or harassment / bullying

And if this seems to hurt your selfish, short-term interests because you have to speak up against your boss or your friends, well… have the integrity and leadership and strength to do so anyway!
Develop fearlessness ( because the world will not improve magically by itself, without you doing your share of the work!

The Eightfold Path we know towards the "cessation of lust, aversion and ignorance" (also known as Nirvāṇa) includes "right views" and "right intention" but also "right action", "right speech" and "right effort".
Nirvāṇa is not for weaklings, do what's 'right', not what's easy: the status quo is always what's easy, but it's also the unsatisfactory world!
Embrace peaceful warriorship (

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