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One day
July 25th, 2013
One day… later… in the future…

How many meditators already are at a stage where they don't hope for some personal benefit (e.g. personal wisdom) from the practice?

« The practitioner wants nothing more than to practice, for the sole purpose of waking up for the benefit of all sentient beings. »
In practice, this is a lie… a lie many practitioners tell themselves but nonetheless a lie at this point of their journey! They might vow to "save all sentient beings" (, but often such a vow comes from making it instrumental to one's personal progress: the thing to do in order to…

Most meditators practice mindfulness in order to reduce their own suffering; the more advanced practitioners do so in order to get to a realisation of 'selflessness' beyond the mere intellectual understanding of it.

Sure, many practitioners have the intention of "one day" being so selfless they will then practice purely for the sake of all.

This intention is really important, but they are not embodying it fully just yet… which is fine, they work on it, that's okay, but the intention still points to a 'future' state.
They aim to be 'enlightened' in the future, i.e. they basically cling: « let me just enjoy my lay life a bit longer, my attachments a bit longer, my money a bit longer, my fancy job title a bit longer… Later, I'll become a great bodhisattva! »

This is very important, because this is one of the hindrances which actually prevent them from realising their buddha-nature right now!

Most practitioners tell themselves that they'll benefit others "in the future" (once they got to some attainment or another: stream entry or arahantship…). There's no point pretending this ignorant hindrance is not present; it is indeed a critical one, a key barrier that prevents them here&now from attaining "the goal of holy life."

The future —as a mental fabrication— has a strong tendency to remain in the future… After all, it's possible to imagine an infinitely long future, eaten only one second per second: finite bites off an infinite pie of "thing to do, prior to dedicating one's life to embodying freedom and wisdom."

So the question is: how old do you want to be when you start? If the answer always is "not now, older", you'll never attain buddhahood, and it's not because beings to save are numberless and dharma gates are infinite! It's because you never start the cultivation!

Be mindful of such trap, and embody wisdom today! How are you manifesting the qualities of enlightenment now? How is the True Self ( emerging from under the veils of lust, aversion and ignorance now?

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