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Sixteen Defilements of Mind in the Pāḷi Canon
May 29th, 2013

illustration (attribution, if any possible, is at the end of the article)

Sixteen Defilements of Mind in the Pāḷi Canon:

abhijjha-visama-lobha: covetousness and unrighteous greed
byapada: ill will
kodha: anger
upanaha: hostility or malice
makkha: denigration or detraction; contempt
palasa: domineering or presumption
issa: envy
macchariya: jealousy, or avarice; selfishness
maya: hypocrisy or deceit
satheyya: fraud
thambha: obstinacy, obduracy
sarambha: presumption or rivalry; impetuosity
mana: conceit
atimana: arrogance, haughtiness
mada: vanity or pride
pamada: negligence or heedlessness; lack of consideration

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photo: creation by Korean artist © Ziwon Wang, just because I don't see anything 'antique' in the above list!