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When to meditate
December 11th, 2017

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When to meditate

Classic advice on when to meditate ranges from “first thing in the morning” to “at the end of the day”, but ultimately it fails most people because it is assumed that establishing a routine is supportive, and that routine equates relatively fixed times.

This is more pronounced for beginners, as they'll easily read that “you may need some time to build a habit. You can try these different times, but I recommend trying one time for a week straight to see how it works. In order to find the best time to meditate, it is going to take some consistency.” While a routine is important, it is not about fixed time! Understand that if time might be promoted as a “trigger”, then other phenomena might too… more constructive phenomena in the grand scheme of things, and if you're to build a habit, a routine, then it might as well be as constructive in the long run as possible.

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Buddhism has no specific guideline on supporting teachers, it simply asks for you to consider causality: if you want this living tradition to survive, how are you participating, in practical terms, to make this happen? Nice words, exposure or social media ‘likes’ might feel good, but they do not actually help with the basic necessities: