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How does karma "catch up" with the "right person"?
November 7th, 2014

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How does karma "catch up" with the "right person"?

« Karma can never bring results to the "wrong" person, just as, when two mango seeds are planted, each produces a specific mango, and each mango only grows from one seed and not from the seed which produced the other mango (…).
   To ask how karma "catches up" with the "right person" is like asking how a seed produces the "right mango". A seed simply develops into the mango that develops from it.
   Similarly, a being is what past karmas have made it and is the 'evolute' of a being in the past (…). To a large extent, he actually consists  of the fruitions of past karmas. »
— Peter Harvey, The Selfless Mind

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