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Do I know where I will be next, given the sun-setting of g+?
October 10th, 2018 (October 31st, 2018)

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Do I know where I will be next, given the sun-setting of g+?

Many people with large followings are currently providing lists of links (to various social media and platforms) to whoever would like to continue following them, elsewhere… If I knew where I'll be next, I'd do the same, but I don't know that.
So, I guess, the best I can offer for now is for people to register their email for the newsletter of at Right now, is going through major changes, and the newsletter is in fact inactive… but it'll be used —in due time— to let people know where I am and what I offer (in relation to #Buddhism, #Dharma, #ethics …).

For those wanting to follow the progress on migrating the "Buddhism and Meditation", "Buddhism Q&A" and "Buddhist Art" g+ communities (cf., please subscribe to

For the time being, on social media, I'll answer questions in "Buddhism Q&A" on FB ( and sometimes in "Western Buddhism" on FB (even if I'm in disagreement with some of the moderation there… enough to regularly consider leaving this group!). [EDIT: never again in "Western Buddhism", as admins allow bullshit answers but delete pointed, specific answers on a whim —and no, I'm not talking only about my own answers here.]
Having 'owned' "Buddhism and Meditation" and "Buddhism Q&A" here for several years, I'll be happy to finally let go of the burden of ownership ('me', 'myself' and 'mine'?). I'll thus be able to refocus on teaching, on sharing the Dhamma, on supporting people, rather than moderating spammers and other untrained, undisciplined, antagonistic people happily insulting others behind their screens.
And yes, I have serious ethical concerns w.r.t. using FB… so no, there's no warranty I'll stay there. But for now I have not yet identified another platform (which would allow long forms and serious conversations in a reasonably constructive way, would refrain from becoming sectarian / tradition-specific, would not turn into forums 'organised' primarily by the law of the loudest or by "whoever disagrees with me will be banned" admins…)

Anything else, for now, will mostly be limited to 'direct' students, people who contact me directly by email / hangout / messenger and with who I work one-on-one. This is my preferred way of working, as it yields the deepest (and fastest) progress.

#Buddhism #Dharma
image: parcel-gilt wood figure of a Bodhisattva (Tibet, 18th century)