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The secret of good sushi is the rice!
December 14th, 2013

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The secret of good sushi is the rice!

• wash the rice 3–4 times (until water remains clear)
• leave to soak for 30 minutes
• cook with lid on, in 1 volume of soft water per volume of rice (◊):
   • high temperature (knob 7: strong boil!) for 8 minutes
   • medium temperature (knob 4) for 5 minutes
   • low temperature (knob 2) for 8 minutes
• leave to rest for 10 minutes
  [use wooden plate (previously rinsed with cold water)
   to absorb any water excess]
• prepare 0.1 volume of rice vinegar per volume of rice;
  add 5 g of caster sugar and 1 g of salt, per 10 ml of vinegar;
  mix properly
• pour this 0.1 volume of vinegar per volume of rice on the rice,
  slowly mix while patiently fanning
  (until the shinny rice is at room temperature)
• cover with damped cloth and continue with your preparations.

Preparing rice for sushi requires awareness and presence. The detailed instructions above are precise enough that you cannot succeed if you're not attentive vis-à-vis volume, time, heat, steam, clarity of water and shininess of rice…
Of course, this applies to any dish.

Mundane life is the perfect setup for practice. But it's easy to see preparing food as a chore, something that has to be done. Some practitioners might even rush through the preparation while considering practising "mindful eating" later ;-)
Just like the dishwasher should refrain from thoughts of enjoying a good tea later (, i.e. should refrain from cultivating "never being present", you should prepare food mindfully. It is as important as eating food mindfully.

When is the last time you were fully present while preparing a dish?

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◊: one would normally cook the rice in 1.1 volume of water per volume of rice, but if you plan on adding sushi vinegar later, than 1-for-1 is the appropriate ratio.