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Blaming victims
May 19th, 2016

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Blaming victims

We have to be clear that blaming victims never work… The victims here are workers on the minimum wage, because it's not a living wage, which is to say people take these jobs because they're forced to: it's not an expression of choice, and therefore it's not in fact (contrarily to what some people will say) a manifestation of well-functioning capitalism.

Well-functioning capitalism is based on 'competition', 'choices' and 'alternatives'… hence the freedom to say 'no' (a point well explained in

Another type of victims here is constituted by customers!
Let's be clear: rich people don't eat at KFC. People who do so regularly are people who themselves are much closer to the minimum wage than they are to the CEO pay (which doesn't even imply they work less hard, have less qualifications, or wouldn't be able to manage KFC better!). In fact, KFC is one of the chains that accept food stamps!

So the implied guilt trip on customers is quite appalling too, only to hide the greed of some top managers (all at head quarters visibly, because even a restaurant manager doesn't make much at KFC!) and shareholders.

And of course some KFC employees are themselves living on food stamps, due to an inappropriately low minimum wage!

This is just as stupid as Sainsbury's advert (, and some people do react ( but visibly too few react for the system to change!

What does it take for people to wake up, and stop buying the capitalist forms of slavery?

What does it take for people to wake up, and stop voting for political millionaires (who will always care more about their dividends and speech fees than about the minimum wage)?

by Sana Remillard: