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Karma is about tendencies
July 23rd, 2016

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Karma is about tendencies… karma is also a root of ignorance… This great video (8'26'') explains why, without buddhist terms! It also makes clear why "right effort" is integral to a path of cessation of ignorance…

And in this time when even 'clever' people start asserting ignorant, selfish, racist, sexist bullshit and voting for the most stupid politicians ever seen just by virtue of noise level (from Brexit to Trump), it might be time to discern when to use certain modes of thinking / processing and when to refrain from doing so.

And of course, whose opinions are most familiar to you? Your own! And who do you think is right, by default, whenever a disagreement arises? No self-serving bias there, at all ;-)

by Rob Jongschaap: