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Women-only retreat (2nd edition)
April 14th, 2017
Women-only retreat (2nd edition)… added one week prior to another retreat on "Buddhism and society: restraint or engagement?" (
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Women-only retreat
May 13th–14th, 2017

This is a re-scheduling, mid May, of the Spring retreat… for those interested but who couldn't attend in March.

Of all the causes of stress, the primary is a mis-alignment between reality and one's representation of reality, i.e. expectations. Women are subjected to many pressures, many representations are projected on them and some will be internalised, in relation to who they are, how they look, sexuality, motherhood, career, (in)dependence, (in)equality, how they ‘should’ relate to others… Too many expectations often end up making life needlessly difficult. How to free oneself from them?
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Women-only retreat