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July — … — November 2017

The second part of 2017 has proven even more challenging than the first six months, for a variety of reasons, hence my activity online has mostly been around curation as well as moderating and answering numerous questions in the "Buddhism Q&A" and "Buddhism and Meditation" communities —rather than creating personal posts.
Nonetheless, 9 original contributions still appeared, on top of shares, links and minor posts:

Worldly winds (everybody lies)
Clinging to Buddhist teachings, vs. Seeing reality as it is?
Ethics are a compass for ourselves (understanding Aung San Suu Kyi's silence)
Avalokiteśvara the Carer, vs. the Buddha’s message on personal responsibility and autonomy
meditative hygiene (more rigor, less hype for mindfulness & meditation)
Integrity (uncomfortably dealing with an imperfect world)
• « When you see a dying animal that is suffering a lot, is it ok to go against the precept and kill out of compassion to eliminate his suffering ? »
Pre-digested wisdom
Life comes with bad weather (aka. the first noble truth)

Managing communities, answering questions, curating relevant content, and still writing original content (22 contributions so far in 2017… in spite of the chaos) is only possible with your help.
Buddhism has no specific guideline on supporting teachers, it simply asks for you to consider causality: if you want this living tradition to survive, how are you participating, in practical terms, to make this happen? Nice words, exposure or social media ‘likes’ might feel good, but they do not actually help with the basic necessities. Most teachers are gradually locking their content behind fixed-price paywalls / subscriptions.
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