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Dear new g+ followers
January 29th, 2014
Dear new g+ followers

Another way to support your spiritual reflection and/or practice thanks to g+ is to join communities.

Large communities related to Buddhism are worthy of interest, e.g.:
"Buddhism and Meditation" (35,941 members),
"Zen Buddhism" (1,920 members),
"Secular Buddhist" (623 members),

"Buddhism Q&A" (~1,600 members) was deleted by its previous owner, but I believe it was a valuable community so I re-created it. It only has recovered 202 members at the moment, but is active:

Please pay attention to the differences in guidelines of each community. Despite its size, "Buddhism and Meditation" has a very high "average quality of content", thanks to strong guidelines and an excellent team of moderators. If you join the "Buddhism and Meditation" community (of which I am currently the lead moderator, although +Jason Decker is the one to be credited for the creation and early management of the community), the guidelines are at

Moreover, attached to this post is a small circle of people regularly publishing original posts on Buddhism on g+ (not necessarily just on Buddhism though).

I think one of the mistakes teachers in general easily make is to think that one's particular view (and/or school) is 'right', or is 'better' than another…
While this might sometimes be justified in relation to a specific context, often it is just 'ignorance' creeping back in, the re-introduction of arbitrary duality and of contextless generalities hiding prejudices.
Promoting others is a manifestation of selflessness (at least when the said others are 'independent', and 'competing' for the same followers / students / supporters…). I teach selflessness, so here is one practical  embodiment of the teachings! "Walk the talk" as they say!

There are many  more people on g+ with high-quality posts related to Buddhism (quotes and book excerpts; links to websites, articles or videos; reshares…); but the point of this circle is to propose people who regularly create their own new  content.
They come from various traditions and backgrounds, and I don't always share all their views, but they surely provide many seeds for Buddhism to flourish on g+.