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Cheap outrage? Or insight followed by some act?
May 18th, 2016

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Cheap outrage? Or insight followed by some act?

The "work for exposure" is the exploitation of those with hope to bring something original, via empty promises

It thrives on bankrupting those who have the courage to try, and on perpetually finding the next person to bankrupt (often by dismissing the previous provider as "too weak to succeed"… hardly some positive, grateful exposure!).

Sainsbury's would not even help with the exposure (which doesn't naturally happen for some work in a private canteen), would not actually promote the artist… but was happy to pay for the ad to be in a newspaper! How grand!

Artists are correct to mock Sainsbury's, and to hurt the brand as badly as they can so the lesson is learnt. But it's not just artists who react.

For those who find the behaviour of Sainsbury's management outrageous or 'unwholesome', I'd however promote asking yourselves if you're not behaving exactly the same way, by looking for 'authors' to volunteer their skills without you contributing anything, every time you look for images, videos, news, books, etc. for free on the internet… Most people don't even try to find and provide an 'attribution' when they reuse an image, i.e. the 'exposure' is a farce! It's just personal appropriation without regard for the authors.

For those interested in Buddhism, I'd also promote "looking into the mirror"… and asking yourselves if you're not behaving exactly the same way by looking for a 'teacher' to volunteer their skills [e.g. on the internet] (a 'teacher' or a 'community', a 'temple', etc.) without you contributing to their "four requisites" (shelter, clothes, food, medicine).

Cheap outrage is just that: cheap! Supporting the saṅgha takes more than exposure; extremely few buddhists in the West realise that, even when they 'identify' as buddhists!
Yes, it's always possible to look for the next provider of free images, articles, reflections, quotes, videos, whatever… but "I want more free stuff" is self-centred craving, it's not what the understanding of inter-dependency is about. or

h/t +Jürgen Hubert 
by Craig Maloney:
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