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Practical tips to cultivate gratitude
December 21st, 2013

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Practical tips to cultivate gratitude

As announced , the buddhist  #PrayerOnAir  on 'gratitude' organised and hosted by +Mindah-Lee Kumar was aired yesterday evening (23:30–00:20 London).

The replay is available at An Attitude of Gratitude #PrayerOnAir Hangout: A Short Guided Meditation & Discussion

Of course, Mindah-Lee was fantastic and +Julio Robles was amazing, and the one contending for « worst sound ever » was yours truly (my sincere apologies!). So here is a summary of the "practical tips"  I inaudibly mentioned to cultivate  gratitude:

• say "thank you"  randomly, and only then reflect on why
  (greatly applicable to mundane tasks, easily taken for granted);
• at the end of the day, list 3 things we're grateful for;
• at the end of the day, recall the 'worst' part of the day
  and focus of what lesson is to be found, what nuance is to be found.

• program your brain to ring alarm bells on specific 'sentences' such as
  "I want more" and ask yourself "am I making the best of what I have?"
  Is the 'more' somewhere else, or am I forgetting the 'more' already
  available in the current circumstances?

• fake it until you make it. This is part of reprogramming habits towards
  'wholesome' habits.

• on bad days, just don't trust the feelings,
  feelings are not representative of reality;
  break the pattern "it feels rough so it means  something is wrong";
  we are creatures of habits, change creates uneasiness, but this
  doesn't mean changing some habits is 'wrong'… Value the practice!
  Good day, bad day? Just practice! Do your best, it's valuable.

• don't be grateful in your head, manifest it! To be explicit matters;
• transmit; make long chains of gratitude, not myriads of tiny loops;
  manifest gratitude in the environment  of what you're grateful for,
  not just to what you're grateful for.

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Brushwork: "gratitude" © Denis Wallez