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April 15th, 2015

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   A classic advice is "be present"… but this still sort-of assumes the show is run for   you! "Be present" to what?

   Maybe "(let) phenomena be present!" would be less self-centric… and therefore more constructive.
   Of course, for this to be constructive, "(let) phenomena be present!"  does not  mean "don't engage" or "don't play your part"… It means "don't deny what exists",  "don't wish what exists didn't exist".
   Let supports be present. Let difficulties be present. Let tools be present. Let hindrances be present… Let life be present. Let the whole of reality be present.

   Only when you face reality "as it is" can you engage in accordance to causality.
   Only then can you empower yourself and take responsibility for a response: perceptions distorted by denial naturally cause distorted, inefficient responses.
   Only then can you mobilise the supportive phenomena present in the context (tools, willing people…), instead of pretending that "taking responsibility" means "acting on one's own" or that 'influence' means 'control'…
   Only then can the world, which you're a phenomenon of, engage with a chance of actually turning itself for the better. Intentions do matter: right intention works hand in hand with right attention, right mindfulness, right view… Let phenomena be present!

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illustration: "Golden Wheel" by © Gonkar Gyatso