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September 30th, 2014 (October 30th, 2014)

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   Since landing in Chennai (India) on September 5th, it has proven challenging to contribute online as usual, to support people, to answer questions, to manage communities, etc. while  searching for a place to stay at for the next few months, opening (Non-Resident) bank accounts during the the holiday period, getting a reliable internet connection, meeting gigantic insects I'd never seen before (photo), capturing insects and lizards from inside the house and carrying them back into the garden, and studying for my academic exams fast approaching…
   Still, September saw 21 posts, including 10 original contributions (i.e. little noticeable impact of my 'wandering' status).
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Perfection of Generosity — Wisdom isn't fashionable, nor viral.
Indian Diary (1)
Family matters
Greed, and responsibility as a customer — Indian diary (2)
Impermanence and suffering
Mindfulness of eating — Indian diary (3)
Air conditioning, for the benefit of all sentient beings — India diary (4)
"For their mothers, spouses, daughters, friends…"
Causality [fund-raising call, for Bodhipaksa]
Cyclical… is not so cyclical

   In September, the original creations listed above —as well as interactions in communities and in comment threads— were financially supported by 18 people. This production accrued 6,700+ views a day on average though, out of 258,000+ followers; and 256 people now ask for notifications when original content is posted.
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Photo: some Indian insect at the window, almost the size of my hand
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