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War over the Buddha's Relics at Sanchi (1st century BCE/CE)
November 24th, 2017

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War over the Buddha's Relics at Sanchi (1st century BCE/CE).

« The Buddha died in Kushinagara, the capital of the Mallas, who initially tried to keep all the relics of the Buddha for themselves. A war erupted in which the chiefs of seven other clans waged war against the Mallas of Kushinara for the possession of the Buddha's relics. In the center of the architrave, the siege of Kushinara is in progress; to right and left, the victorious chiefs are departing in chariots and on elephants, with the relics borne on the heads of the latter. »
— via
in response to the incredulity of a poster about relics in China…
as if relics didn't spread / travel.

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