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December'17 — May 2018
June 2nd, 2018

illustration (attribution, if any possible, is at the end of the article)

December'17 — May 2018

The stream included the usual curation…
of videos (e.g.,
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It included 24 original contributions, as well as 2017's #AskMeAnything (
When to meditate
• A ritual for the New Year?
• Cyclically perpetuating / repeating the same mistakes?
The difference between wishing to go and going
A practical illustration of non-dualism
Parfois les leçons d'éthique ne sont pas en classe de philosophie
Guidance is available!
Extend their own life by six months, or give the pill to a stranger, similar to them, for whom the pill would add an additional five years to their life?
• forgot to meditate yesterday
• The sky lets dragon and sun play their parts
Why grasping at oneself creates suffering
You're not your own; yet you're your own refuge?
• No mud, no lotus
Craving for Awakening, and the poisoned arrow
The first quality to cultivate is not meditative!
Good intentions are no protection
The place of faith
What's the point of adding a lamp where there's already light?
• Non-duality is when you reach beyond… the mundane and the sublime
• Attachment to one's ease, one's opinions, one's "truth"
atthi kammaṃ akaṇhaasukkaṃ akaṇhaasukkavipākaṃ (cf. comments)
• Saying ‘I am not meditating’ is called pride. Idem with ‘I am meditating’
• Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth

My activity on g+ also included the moderation of the "Buddhism and Meditation" community, the moderation as well as many answers in the "Buddhism Q&A" community, and some serious engagement with spammers suddenly flooding many Buddhist communities (incl. "Secular Buddhist" and "Buddhist Art" ).

Please, pretty please, support my work.
Buddhism has no specific guideline on supporting teachers, it simply asks for you to consider causality: if you want this living tradition to survive, how are you participating, in practical terms, to make this happen? Nice words, exposure or social media ‘+1’ might feel good, but they do not actually help with the basic necessities. Please

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image: Nam June Paik, "Enlightenment Compressed", 1994 (5" color LCD TV, video camera, wood TV cabinet, plastic TV case, bronze Buddha, aquarium stones, and paint).