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Shopping the Dharma
August 9th, 2015
Shopping the Dharma

   Beyond the irony that Tricycle's very marketing strategy is appallingly "consumerist", and that they totally « give donors subscribers extra perks that are denied to other devotees who may be more sincere but not as well-off »…
   Beyond the irony that Tricycle's website reserves much space for ads displaying « an enticing photo of a spiritual master who is smiling radiantly or looking wisely into the distance. He or she is, the ads declare, a highly realized, well-respected, fully accomplished master. The topic being taught is a secret teaching that in the past was given to only a select number of qualified disciples. It is the supreme teaching by which previous masters have attained enlightenment. You can receive this for a mere $99.95 plus dāna for the teacher. Register early to reserve a seat »…
   Beyond the irony that even Tricycle's one-liner bios of their authors usually tick many logical fallacies to increase legitimacy and importance, so as to justify the price tag of the magazine…

   a good "food for thought" article from bhikshuni Thubten Chodron (from +Sravasti Abbey).

   In terms of Dharma practice,  it remains about how we  fall for consumerism (the formalisation of greed), and about cultivating our own minds to refrain from such unwholesome tendencies… It is not so much about seeing how awfully "consumerist" others  are ;-) even if there is some value in wisely picking our dharma friends / role models, a wisdom which requires discernment.
   In terms of Dharma practice,  it is about refraining from justifying our greed thanks to the convenient label "needs" while criticising others for doing the same! It becomes an enquiry into the very notion of "needs" and into how neediness is biased by craving and clinging, the root-causes of unsatisfactoriness!

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