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July – August — September
October 2nd, 2016

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July – August — September

The summer has been busy with three collective week-end retreats at — introduction to Buddhism (in French) and mindfulness in daily life (in English, and in French) — as well as one individual retreat (2 days), regular guidance for several 'direct' students online, teachings on how to meditate to several children and adults spending a few days at the house, many questions in the "Buddhism Q&A" community, the duties of moderation in "Buddhism and Meditation", etc.

Several shared links, several reshares, and nine original contributions:
• SN 42.6
• Dhp 342
• Dhp 239
• Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche on the Diamond (Cutter) Sūtra
• the illusion of truth
Killing the Buddha… once more ;-)
Kamma (in French)
• And, yet, there's the eightfold path?

Many people are registered for the "stress management and work / life balance" retreat, in English, 22nd–23rd October 2016 at… so a similar retreat might be added in 2017, for those who won't be able to participate this time.

Online 'free' activity still severely limited due to lack of resources / donations ( The many questions in "Buddhism Q&A" recently consumed the available. I hope the six donators will understand, and find interesting Dharma content there (

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