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How long will we keep denying climate change, and chasing cheap resources regardless of risks and destruction?
May 8th, 2016
How long will we keep denying climate change, and chasing cheap resources regardless of risks and destruction?

Chasing cheap oil? 'Cheap' solely because the environmental impact is not priced in? Entire communities end up destroyed by greed.

As per the attached article, « the simple fact of the matter, a fact that many invested in a destructive oil industry do not want to now face, is that a fire —whose early-season extreme intensity was fuelled by human-caused climate change— is now doing what Canada would not. It is shutting down oil production in the tar sands… »

Chasing cheap packaged food? 'Cheap' solely because the environmental impact is not priced in? 'Cheap' solely because the impact on health is not priced in? Entire communities and ecosystems end up destroyed by greed.

Palm oil is found in half the packaged products on shelves in US grocery stores, though it is often listed as “vegetable oil” on ingredient lists… And palm oil is responsible for large-scale forest conversion in the tropics and extensive carbon emissions, contributing to global warming…

And not only land is illegally appropriated and the workers are exploited to the point of slavery (so the argument that the production provides 'jobs' is pretty dubious… unless you consider slavery to support human dignity?) but also the health of consumers is negatively impacted! As a fresh food, palm oil provides health benefits, such as the reduction of blood pressure and the risk of arterial thrombosis. However, much of the commonly used palm oil is in an oxidised —i.e. processed— form. Once the oil is oxidised, it poses health dangers, such as reproductive toxicity and organ toxicity (impacting the kidneys and lungs…), promotes heart diseases, causes low-grade inflammation (that is linked to insulin resistance and obesity). Unsurprisingly, those most impacted at every step of the chain are the poorest.

Most of those who do accept the science of climate change, and do care about living conditions across the globe, have yet to seriously adapt their consumption, and to favour products and sources of energy aligned with their understanding!

It's not enough to wait for governments to respond to climate change, to slavery or to inequalities: we have to vote with our money, by restraining from unwise impulses, by generously giving and also by paying attention to what we do end up buying! While a boycott is not always a reasonable option, at least favouring responsible sources (sustainable sources… beyond the more-or-less reliable and meaningful 'certifications') is possible.

This usually implies increasing the costs of 'basic' necessities: food, energy… It requires to understand that the goal of a wise life is not reducible to constantly lowering the charges of basics (thanks to slavery, to illegal appropriation, to environmental destruction…) for the sake of spending more on futilities!

I wished my previous two posts (, and (in French, but with English subtitles available)) did not meet such an echo in the news…

For this echo to cease, we all need to take a hard and long look at our priorities and at our lack of restraint, piling numberless 'small' greedy acts into environmental and human catastrophes!

The last thing we need is some kind of compassionate "Poor Canadians!" followed by going back to our unexamined consumption!

Compassion is good, no doubt, but unexamined habits and the denial of responsibility (and of personal contribution to the issues) aren't.

To truly embody compassion, our way of consuming must reflect such a compassion (and avoid generating the next catastrophes due to indifference or unwise priorities).

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