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«  All that is conditioned is impermanent  »
August 12th, 2017

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« All that is conditioned is impermanent »
(French version: is no longer able to operate in its current form. When the causes disappear, the consequences disappear…

It seems that too many people are content reading an article or two about meditation, and then talking about it without ever actually practicing (let alone deepening the practice). The collaboration with the magazine Regard Bouddhiste did not help, when it is fashionable to judge "too complicated" any article a little more detailed than superficial recipes for well-being or pretty photos. The anti-sectarian posture did not help, at a time when only caricatures and certainties reassure, when people seek "Zen retreat" or "Tibetan Buddhism" without really knowing what one or the other , and when what attracts are celebrities rather than content… Every person who came left satisfied, both about the material conditions and the content, but too few came to keep running any longer; too many people showed interest but eventually decided they would come "later". It is now too late.

The following retreats are canceled (and their French versions):
Zen and martial arts ... or how to go beyond fear?
26th–27th August 2017
Peaceful Relationships
25th–26th November 2017
Zen Retreat (bilingual)
26th–30th December 2017
Developing mindfulness in everyday life
20th–21st January 2018

The project (helping our fellow sentient beings to appreciate the life they are given, not to suffer unnecessarily, to overcome conflicts…) underlying is not dead; but it will be necessary to find another form, another place, other methods.

Individual guidance for 'direct' students, remotely (video calls, emails ...) or on site, is maintained.

Individual visits / retreats are still possible, for a few months.