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January – … — June 2017

The beginning of 2017 has proven pretty challenging, for a variety of reasons, so much of my activity online has been around curation —rather than personal posts— as well as moderating and answering numerous questions in the "Buddhism Q&A" and "Buddhism and Meditation" communities.

Yet, 13 original contributions still appeared on top of the many carefully selected shares, links, etc.:
Put more chances to succeed on your side!
Croire ou ne pas croire…
(or To believe or not to believe…
Tout le problème, en un mot ? "Rituel"
• Above the Xiashui village
Spring, like the rest of the year, is harvest time!
An abundance of "expedient means"
Should we always use the 12 nidānas backward?
Watch your "ordinary" mind, now, in your "ordinary" life, with all its unnecessary drama, not just when you're "practising"!
Seeing, and accepting, things as they are
Légalité (variable) n'est pas moralité
Ère de l'information : derniers jours du Dharma ?
Striving for moral consistency?
In large public settings, it is responsible to have first aiders…
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