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Someone thinks that an emanated woman is a woman
December 8th, 2012

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Someone thinks that an emanated woman is a woman.
Another emanation stops this wrong conception – This is like that.

— Nāgārjuna, Refutation of Objections

A woman emanated by some being is empty of the nature of being a woman, but someone else wrongly thinks "This is ultimately a woman." Therefore, due to that wrong conception, attachment arises. The Tathāgata or a śrāvaka of the Tathāgata emanates another emanation, and thereby stops that person's wrong conception.
Similarly, my words, which are empty like an emanation, stop any apprehension that anything exists intrinsically. All things, like the emanated woman, are empty and do not intrinsically exist.

— Nāgārjuna, Commentary on the "Refutation of Objections"
(i.e. Nāgārjuna's commentary on Nāgārjuna!)

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