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June 30th, 2016

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Despite being pretty busy with retreats to prepare, with teachings of the +Dalai Lama to follow, with a #brexit  to campaign against and then with helping people to come to terms with the fallout of the referendum, this month has seen 10 original contributions posted on g+, including the substantial "On the delusion that freedom is unnecessary":
Working with the five hindrances (on +koan.無)
A fire-breathing protector is hidden by the clouds
White Tara (at
2 hours of Q&A, by Hyon Gak Sunim
An open world begins with an open mind
Pariyatti, patipatti and pativedha
On the delusion that freedom is unnecessary
Buddha-nature? Original enlightenment?
Read for thought: empathy
Face au danger des fixations…

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