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"They attacked us unilaterally"?
August 4th, 2014

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"They attacked us unilaterally"?

   One-sided narratives and propaganda can look so 'certain' that external observers might start believing them. One just need to "look very sure."
   In the current conflict, Israel would have us believe that the reasons why Palestinians would have a problem with Israel are totally beyond understanding… and that rockets are solely the works of religious fundamentalists with unmanageable hatred.

   A few (pre-conflict) maps clearly say otherwise, typically that destructions by Israel are larger than those by rockets… and the way Israel invades beyond the green line and steals water from the Palestinians in the West Bank surely won't motivate those in Gaza to trust Israel:
and, last but not least, the reason for the 'tunnels' (not exactly what the military would have you believe):

Tell me again about the "right to defend oneself"?

As of yesterday:
1,717 Palestinians killed (of which at least 1,176 are confirmed civilians), 373,000 children in need of psycho-social support, 485,000 people displaced or at risk of being displaced, 1,500,000 people with extremely restricted access to water…

Meanwhile the West continues to sell weapons and to rejoice at the growth of their GDP, without asking where the growth comes from? "Who cares if my economy grows thanks to killing people the other side of the planet, I don't know them personally (if they die, they probably deserved to die anyway)"  syndrome?

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